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In The Numinous Legacy: Modern Cosmology and Religion, astrophysicist Adair Butchins clearly lays out the discrepancies between our ancient faiths and scientific cosmology. With stunning clarity and refreshing dispassion, Butchins has again opened the doors to a debate as relevant now as ever before. Where luminaries such as Stephen Hawking have infused arguments with their own atheistic views, Butchins elevates the discussion to a new, more meaningful and readily understandable level.

Through examination of the great monotheistic religions of our day, Butchins identifies the spiritual, eschatological and anthropomorphic philosophical underpinnings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, outlining the unavoidable clash that still causes disagreement between theologians and scientists. Bridging the gap between faith and empirical fact, The Numinous Legacy expands the debate to the seldom-explored theological and cosmological realms? Applying research to issues ranging from existentialism and the feasibility of alien life, to why God created germs, the scientific probability of the apocalypse and man's surprising place in the universe.

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